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開發單純的iOS App沒什麼難度,可是送審後的議題總會出其不意。原以為可以只拍攝影片給審核人員看,如何連結我們的產品(藍芽裝置)來操作App,可惜我們沒能逃過高人的「法眼」,於是請老闆將一個貴重的藍芽裝置寄送給Apple測試。約莫一週左右,App總算順利上架啦⋯⋯我也順理成章去環島九天:D~

bluetooth peripheral service characteristics

以下就是在iTunes Connect被reject的原因與描述:

From Apple

  • 2. 1 Performance: App Completeness

Guideline 2.1 – Information Needed

We have started the review of your app, but we are not able to continue because we need the associated hardware to fully assess your app features.

Next Steps

To help us proceed with the review of your app, please send the necessary hardware/accessory to the address below.

NOTE: Please include your app name and app ID in the shipment; failure to provide this information can delay the review process.

Additionally, it may take several business days for us to receive the hardware once it has been delivered to Apple.

Apple, Inc.
1 Infinite Loop, M/S: 124-2APP
Cupertino, CA 95014

ATTN: Marcus East
App Name: 快樂健康+
App ID: 1317204377

Once you’ve shipped the hardware, please reply to this message with the shipping carrier and tracking information. Once we have received the hardware, we will continue your app’s review.

IMPORTANT: for non-US Developers

To avoid delays with US Customs, please provide the following information with your shipment (required for all radio-frequency devices imported in the US):

– Description of the equipment
– Quantity
– Device Model/Type Name or Number
– Original Manufacturer’s Name and Address

Please use FCC form 740 for details on how to provide this information.


* A separate FCC Form 740 must be used for each different radio-frequency device or component in the shipment; however, a form is not required for subassemblies, parts, or components of radio-frequency devices.

* The form may be completed by the shipper or recipient, but if the form is not sent with the original shipping documents by the shipper, the shipment may be delayed in customs.

* Ensure all serial and ID numbers are available as well as the name and address of the original manufacturer.









iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. Could not allocate a resource.


Your iPhone is not available. Please select a different device and try again.


[iOS] 使用Application Loader上傳IAP項目到iTunes Connect

我們都知道,要登錄IAP項目在iTunes Connect,才能進行In App Purchase功能,但是若IAP項目太多的話如200個,在網頁上點擊後填寫資料,一個接著一個⋯⋯而且這些資料的差異只在於流水號,那麼要把所有IAP項目登錄到iTunes Connect,就要重複做200次!!!這違反我不想做重複且無意義的規矩,於是我上網搜尋有無更快登錄的方法⋯⋯

Application Loader02


[iOS] 透過iTunes檔案共享 (File Share through iTunes)


在這裡我想展示的是,如何將Core Data資料,由第一個設備複製到第二個設備,如此一來,我就能將資料庫複製多份到無限多個設備上。

File Share through iTunes2

首先就是要在專案Info.plist設定Application supports iTunes file sharing (UIFileSharingEnabled)為YES,馬上編譯執行,開啟iTunes軟體,就能看到HappyTest2出現在「檔案共享」清單上喲!表示透過iTunes檔案共享 (File Share through iTunes)功能已開啟~


[iOS] 應用內購買實作與測試 (In App Purchase)

跟錢有關的部分是會讓人又驚又喜,因為它關係到我們的權益,我們希望智慧財產權能夠受到保護之外,還要能從中獲取應有的收益,於是乎實作程式後就要跟著不停的測試!應用內購買實作與測試 (In App Purchase)讓我可以圖文的方式了解到,每個動作後對應的關係。


Apple的In App Purchase特色:開發者可以選擇標價,使用者付費的七成是開發者的收益,沒有信用卡的額外費用,每個月都能收到錢。


[iPad] App無法執行問題

剛遇到令我手足無措的問題,也就是除了iPad內建App可以執行之外,其餘從App Store下載的App全部無法執行,點選icon後閃爍就沒有動作了……還好google後就解決問題啦~謝謝前人的經驗。



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