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[iOS] Code Signing 問題

我以為是因為安裝最新的Xcode 7,才會讓Provision遺失,後來經資深工程師提點,才知道原來是Provision過期,所以要重新過期,所以要重新喚醒下載使用。再來又發現Certificate也要一起更新下載使用⋯⋯

Provision deadline

No codesigning identities (i.e. certificate and private key pairs) that match the provisioning profile specified in your build settings (“iOS Team Provisioning Profile: *”) were found.

Xcode can attempt to fix this issue. This will reset your code signing and provisioning settings to recommended values and resolve issues with signing identities and provisioning profiles.


For Certificate

  1. Revoke Previous Certificate.
  2. Generate New Development Certificate.
  3. Download Certificate.
  4. Double Click to put in KeyChain.

For Provisioning profile

  1. Create New or Edit existing Provisioning profile.
  2. Download and install.

For BundleIdentifier

  • com.yourcompanyName.Something (Put same as in AppId)

For CodeSigningIdentity

  • Select The Provisioning profile which you created.


參考:iOS 7.0 No code signing identities found



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