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我說自己已開發iOS App超過兩年半,她問我應該是高級開發者 (Senior Developer)吧!?我就很疑惑到底該怎麼說才好⋯⋯因為我一直覺得這跟年資有關係,是不是對覺得超過比如五年就算是?


Junior developer


Senior Developer



#1 Experience in Solving Problems

As senior programmer is someone who is experienced enough to have solved many programming challenges. When a problem shows up, a senior programmer will likely have a history of solving that problem vs. a regular or junior programmer who may get worried or afraid about this new problem.

#2. Approach to Troubleshooting

A senior developer will educatedly rule-out certain scenarios by small tests. A regular developer will throw things at the wall and see what sticks. They may feel like they are making progress, but its like playing lottery. A senior developer is highly logical. He works like a scientist to experiment/test, validate assumptions and connect the dots to reach a conclusion.

#3. Embrace Possibilities

A regular developer will have a fixed mindset, he will use the knowledge already present in his mind to come to conclusions – on what is possible and what is not. A senior developer will acknowledge, there might be a way. – A plugin, a module, a trick, a tweak that can help the client solve a problem.



參考:What differentiates a “senior" programmer from a “regular" programmer?

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